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Join us in the celebration of life at Kadji Care, where every resident is a cherished member of our ever-growing family. Your journey to recovery and care is not just a process – it's a feeling of being cared, and we're here to make it memorable for you; because we care like a family.



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Vadodara's Pioneering, Premium Rehabilitation
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Not just a care home, India’s first of its kind Premium Rehabilitation Centric Assisted Living Facility in Vadodara, Gujarat.


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From personalized assistance to emotional support & recreational programs, we ensure a nurturing & secure environment.


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Discover the heartwarming experiences of the families who have entrusted their loved ones to our care at Kadji.

History of formation and foundation.

Kadji started providing services at the family's home in the city of Vadodara from 14th July 2011. There were 5 employees who along with founder Dr. Nikunj Chavda began the mission of caring for our elderly. In about 7 months we realized that providing a caregiver at a family's place will not serve the purpose 100%. This led us to build our very first 9 bedded care centre for elderly. Today the family of kadji have grown to 70 employees and more than 50 beds.

Who should take benefit of Kadji?

An elderly who is at risk of safety and security at their own home, either due to absence of their guardian or unavailability of their caregivers or a family member who has become dependent on others for their daily living should seek an option. of a care home like kadji. We offer our care services for a range of individuals. From completely independent elderly to the one who is in complete coma are served at various facilities of KADJI THE CARE.

What happens when a medical emergency arises?

There are two types of medical emergencies – One which is very critical and requires an ICU admission, in which case we transfer the residence to a nearby pre-identified ICU attached hospital. There are few emergencies which are handled at kadji itself with the help of a consulting physician who would be available on call.

Is there any provision for relatives to stay at the facility?

Relatives can not stay with the residence. Although, we do have associated fully furnished service apartments for the stay of relatives.

Are there any charges of first consultation?

There are no charges taken when families come for consultation on exploring ideas of how to accommodate their loved one. Our friendly representative makes sure their worry for their elderly parents is taken care of.

What facilities are available at Kadji?

KADJI offers a variety of facilities at various locations. For Eg. Families who can not afford much can choose one facility whereas the family looking for luxurious care can choose a kadji villa facility. These facilities offer everything one would need for a healthy routine.

Do you have a full time doctor available at the centre?

No, there will be a medical officer available for general shift; Physicians are available on – call and they visit on allocated time at particular facilities.

Is there any restriction in terms of visiting the patient?

Yes. A family can visit 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the evening. A distant relative can inform the office in advance if they wish to visit the residence during the time apart from visiting hours.

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