Why Care homes are better for working women?

11th, June, 2019

India has changed a lot in the recent years. As literacy level is reaching 74%, the current generation of youth have become more educated and are more successful in their careers. This also includes the female population who want to make a mark of their own.

Daughter or daughter-in-law previously were homemakers and remained in the home. With literacy level among Indian women also reaching 65%, increasing number of women have become economically independent and are working outside the home.This is leading to many complications in their family life, as the female population who used to stay at home and take care of the family, are not able to provide the caregiving.

The elderly need constant supervision and care, someone who can stay by their side, talk to them and fulfill their daily needs. This is becoming increasingly difficult as the educated women population is becoming an important part of the Indian workforce and contributing equally. It is becoming very hectic to maintain both their professional and personal lives.

The personal life, which includes taking care of the parents or in-laws is very important as they are physically and emotionally weak. Many times, women are not able to take care of their parents/in laws, as they are having to focus on their professional life. A care home plays an important role, as they are able to fulfill both physical and emotional need of an elderly person.

The care home which was previously unacceptable in our Indian society has found a new place in the new urban India. Many Indian working women will need to rely on these care homes to provide safety and security for their loved ones.

The cultural climate has also changed in the Indian society, as the new generation has become more open minded and ready to accept new ideas. They now understand that if their parents stay at a care home, then the care that will be given will surpass what they are able to provide at home.

Care homes provide a healthy solution for the working women. We understand that women in this day and age need to work but that these women also feel very responsible for their elderly and are struggling to balance their home and work life.

Many care homes have been specifically designed for attracting working women. Working women are finding that these homes are the best solution to keep their elderly safe and content.

The professionals at these care homes are also interacting with the resident’s guardian on a regular basis to provide family with updates on the residents, discuss medical, social, physical and emotional issues so that care can be provided with the family in agreement. This also allows the family to stay involved and not have feelings of having abandoned their elder.

These facilities and benefits of care home are helping many working women, to achieve their dreams of being successful in their careers and also to take care of their parents/ in laws.

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