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Hasmukh Naik

Hasmukh Naik Brother of resident receiving Neuro Rehabilitation services

My Name is Hasmukh Naik. I live with my family in the United States. I am very happy to write this testimonial for Kadji the rehabilitation and care center where my sister has been a resident for 5 years. She is 78 years old and a widow. My family chose Kadji because it is an exceptionally caring place for the elderly who cannot take care of themselves. The place is run by Dr. Nikunj Chavda, the founder and director of Kea. Dr. Chavda had his education and training in Australia. We are very lucky that he Is using his experience, education and training to help take care of the elderly in Vadodara and beyond. Kadji is such a reliable and excellent place for the elderly that we do not worry about the care my sister is receiving. If you are looking for a trusted and compassionate home care service for your loved ones Kadji is the place. They specialize in happiness and excellent care. Good luck to Kadji.

Niral Patel

Niral PatelOccupational Therapist, OTR/L, CLT. USA, Rehabilitation services

This is to attest that Maltiben has been a resident of Kadji since she was diagnosed with a stroke resulting in paralysis with the left side of her body. A number of homes were looked at before we chose this facility. The decision was made as when we toured Kadji, we saw how clean and airy the environment was. The staff were warm, caring and friendly towards the residents. We were very impressed with how people were treated. My mother in law, Maltiben, feels safe and cared for. She feels that her concerns are being heard. For me, having her at Kadji means, that I don’t have to worry about day to day staffing, her daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transfers in and out of bed, feeding and her general routines. At Kadji, her nutritional needs (healthy foods/diet), her physiotherapy sessions, her other medical needs, medication management, her social needs are all taken into consideration. My family are able to enjoy their time with her without having to take care of her needs. I have already and would continue to recommend Kadji to anyone who is looking to place their loved one into an environment where they feel safe, nurtured and kept medically stable. As a therapist who works in the USA, I have seen many homes and I can tell you that Kadji is by far the best I have ever seen.

Mr. Haresh Mehta

Mr. Haresh MehtaRelative of patient receiving neuro Rehabilitation services

My wife KAMINI received an attack of stroke in August 2o15, I tried my best for 3 months to bring maximum improvement. One of my relative based in Baroda informed me about KADJI. Me and my son came to Baroda to visit KADJI. We were very satisfied with our orientation visit to ‘Kadji. We decided to bring my wife to get her admitted at ‘Kadji. Within 3 months, she recovered very well as efforts of physiotherapists and nursing staffs. They all look after my wife with love and care even without my presence, this has helped me to focus on my own work due to Kadji. There is nothing like KADJI in Gujarat.

Kirtiben Adhvaryu

Kirtiben AdhvaryuUSA, 78 years, Coma care and rehabilitation

I was totally unconscious when I was admitted at KADJI by my sons. I don’t remember when I was discharged from hospital. There were different pipes inserted all over my body at that time. I was not able to sense anything around me. Gradually, with the conscious efforts of expert and caring nursing staff now I can eat my self and talk to people as a normal human being. The physiotherapist have worked so hard to remove my fear of fall, and got me up and walking from the stage of coma.

Minu Hirode

Minu Hirode Principal of the Banyan Club / Social Entrepreneur, Circle of Care Foundation

India is home to too million elderly people today. Their numbers are likely to increase threefold in the next three decades & we need to have Well Equipped Rehabilitation / Assisted / Elderly care homes like Kadji. KADJI THE CARE according to me is a Home away from home for the elderly who are cared, comforted and loved in a very clean, positive and friendly environment by the wonderful team of Doctors and well trained Nurses. They provides the residents assistance with daily tasks, social environment, house keeping, food service, personalized and specialized health service, Safety, Access to resources & they maintain the dignity & autonomy of all residents with lot of patience and respect. We Circle of Care foundation provides Yoga session & Recreational therapy sessions to our senior friends of Kadji & our aim is giving quality time with a therapeutic approach by including Yoga. Art, Music, Cognitive therapy & other Creative Modalities to have a positive effect & enhance our Seniors friends quality of life.

(Dr) G. D. Mehta

(Dr) G. D. MehtaAir Commodore (For his son)

Our son Capt. Nirav Gaurav Mehta, aged 5o, a rare case of hemiplegic migraine is admitted in KADJI since December zots. Under the circumstances he needed a constant attention and we were looking for a HOME where he could be attended/ supervised his physical and medical needs round the clock and we found one in KADJI. Nirav is comfortable in KADJI and is now part and parcel of KADJI FAMILY and participates in all the activities like physiotherapy schedule and Yoga exercises conducted by the organisation. The employees are courteous and caring and the food is simple and hygienic. Although, Nirav is away from us, we have the satisfaction that he is in safe hands and we have a peace of mind much needed this stage of our life.

Sevantilal Shah

Sevantilal ShahResident

There are many old age homes in our country, where people who are Solaced and neglected get benefit. These centers do not entertain people with disabilities, upon Illness of elderly they send them back and discharges from their Center. KADJI differs such centers drastically. At KADJI, people with disabilities and medical illness are taken care of wonderfully. Whenever the residents fall sick or get into a situation where emergency handling is required, everyone acts as a life saver at KADJI. Due to this very reason, me and my family took a decision for myself to get admitted at KADJI for rest of my life. My daughter is based in USA and she doesn’t need to worry for me anymore as I am being taken care of better then ever before. I would suggest everyone who need care and want to get recovered under exceptionally loving condition should arrive straight at KADJI without any second thoughts.

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