Kadji provides 24/7 elderly care services in Gujarat, India

11th, June, 2019

It is a very confusing and traumatic time when searching for the right assisted living care facility for your loved one. You would need to consider so many things before you feel comfortable with your choice. We would like to assist you with a few guidelines to consider when making this difficult transition for your elderly person.

When looking for an elderly care home, you would want the place to be a sanctuary where there is contentment and dignity in daily living. It would be best if you have some guidelines or a list of the things that you need to consider in a facility for elderly care services. Once you have identified your needs, it will be easier for you to look for a home that would suit your needs.

The first step is making a list of elderly care facilities in the local area. Next, you need to schedule an appointment for a tour of each facility on your list; making notes on what is positive and negative about each place you visit. Keeping a detailed account of each facility will allow you to review your notes with family members and it will make the decision making process a little less stressful. Also, note down how it felt when you walked in…. “first impressions last”.

You should meticulously look at the areas that are being shown or presented by the staff or the facility tour guide. Normally, the facility manager would be the person giving the tour. You should scrutinize the facility for the safety and the wellbeing of the residents that you are observing. .

The home should make a good first impression and give you a warm feeling of home. Everything should be in good condition including the entrance and all the main rooms. The entire facility’s amenities should be neatly decorated and kept clean. The building should look and smell good.

You must also make sure that the hallways are wide enough for the residents to walk through and it should be properly lit considering that the elderly sometimes have difficulties with their vision. Don’t forget to check the entire common areas such as the living rooms, the fitness facility, the dining room, and the outside areas.

Make a note of how the residents are treated by the staff. Take time to observe the interactions between the residents and staff. You should see that there is respect, love, care and attention given. Pay attention to kitchen and the meals that are being provided.

Look at the list of daily activities provided to engage the elderly for the emotional, physical and social needs. Check on outings that the residents are taken on.

Talk to administration regarding their policies for health and safety of the residents under their care.

In this difficult time of making a decision on placement of a loved one or yourself, please know that you have a great option in Gujarat. At Kadji, you will find that the residents are treated with dignity that you will not find in any other home similar to Kadji. The facility is clean, well decorated, ventilated, bright and airy. The food served each meal is carefully planned with elderly needs in mind; activities are provided daily to stimulate mind, body and spirit. Resident well being and safety is never ignored at this home.

Kadji should be on your list of facilities that you want to visit and it will not disappoint you.

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