Residential Rehabilitation Services

It is a Residential Rehabilitation Center where family can trust to admit their loved one for their faster recovery

It is a Residential Rehabilitation Center where family can trust to admit their loved one for their faster recovery. This facility is used either immediately after discharge from the hospital or later during their recovery phase if family is not able to cater day to day nursing and rehab related needs of the patient.

Preferably immediately after primary treatment of patient is accomplished and physician has declared patient medically stable and ready to be taken care at home. KADJI’S rehabilitation center serves various purposes after primary treatment is done. Recovery chances of patient are higher if patient is bought at acute phase of his illness.

  • Family like Atmosphere- you would never feel as if you are staying out of your house and are among stranger. You will find that people are friendly, open and honest.
  • Medical Care and Attention- Physicians visit the facility on weekly bases and are available on call 24 hours a day if required. Consultants such as surgeons, skin specialist, orthopaedics, etc are also available on call.
  • Laboratory Services- kadji has alliances with well known and NABL certified laboratory known as “The advanced Toprani Lab”
  • Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies- These are available in house and for few medicines we have associations with neighboring pharmacies.
  • Fully Furnished, Well Maintained, Neat and Clean Rooms- with twice a day room cleaning services. The rooms forms a unit (3 room = 1 unit) with Hall and dining area. Thus a unit is shared by 6 resident, making them a family of 6 person only. There are number of units in each care facility based on a structure of premises.
  • Nutritious Food- Prepared daily, fresh under guidance of a diet specialist. The food offered is purely vegetarian and mostly Gujarati style food is offered, although based on the demand of our resident, a menu changes a little too.
  • Physical Activities- A well-equipped rehabilitation area with latest equipment and instruments required.
  • Recreational Activities- Our volunteers and recreational therapists engages seniors in different games such as, carroms, ball games, clay games, brain games, interactive sessions, music, etc.
  • Weekly Medical check- up by a Doctor- And daily vital monitoring by a nurse ensuring a chart of activities. This chart includes BP, PR, Oxygen, Urine and stool output measurement.
  • Stroke patients.
  • Parkinson disease patients.
  • Patients suffering from various neurological illness.
  • Patients who had recently undergone any orthopedic surgeries.
  • Anyone who is dependent and need rehabilitation.

KADJI has a qualified and experience Health officers on site. Most of the emergencies are handled by them. They communicate with Physician/surgeon if required. KADJI also has alliance with nearby ICU based hospitals if at all such services are needed. The families are later informed about incidences and if family member is easily accessible, their consent is taken before making any decisions on transfer to other hospital.