Dementia Care

Dementia Care service is specially designed and staffed to cater the needs of those elderly persons who suffer from various forms of dementia.

Dementia Care service is specially designed and staffed to cater the needs of those elderly persons who suffer from various forms of dementia. Forgetting day to day routines can be devastating to someone’s life if not taken care of appropriately with care, love, compassion and great understanding of the progression of a cognitive decline. We provide healthy, structured routines in a safe environment to allow the resident to feel comfortable with their surroundings and with consistent caregivers whom they learn to recognise. It is a very scary time for a resident who is slipping in and out of their orientation which makes it very important to provide structure and set routines.

The decision to move a loved one to Kadji has to be made after the family members have visited our facility; had a chance to talk with our staff and other residents. The need for this would arise when you notice the elderly person in your family becoming forgetful enough where they need constant supervision to remain safe. The scary progression of this condition can leave you feeling inadequate in caring for them at home. This is the time when considering all your options, Kadji would be a place for you to check out.

  • Family Like Atmosphere- We have created a home like atmosphere where a person who is experiencing a cognitive decline will feel safe. They are made to feel like they are at home with people who are caring and compassionate.
  • Medical Care and Attention- Physicians visit the facility weekly and are available on call 24 hours if required. Consultants such as surgeons, skin care specialists, orthopedics, etc are also available on call.
  • Laboratory Services- kadji has alliances with well known and NABL certified laboratory- “The advanced Toprani Lab”
  • Pharmacy and Surgical Supplies- These are available in house as well as from neighbouring pharmacies.
  • Fully furnished, well maintained and clean rooms- with twice a day, room cleaning services.Our facility is made up of units where per unit we have 3 rooms with its own living room and dining room. Per unit we have 6 residents, making it a nice home like environment which allows the residents to form close relationships with the other residents of their unit. This family like structure seems to extend to family members who also form close ties with each other to make a great support structure. There are number of units in each care facility based on the layout of the building.
  • Nutritious Food- Meals at Kadji are prepared daily, fresh under the guidance of a diet specialist. The food offered is purely vegetarian and mostly Gujarati style, although based on the preference of our residents, changes are made to the menus.
  • Physical Activities- A well-equipped rehabilitation areas with latest equipment and well qualified Physiotherapy staff are available for the residents to work on their balance, ambulation, strengthening, pain management and much more. .
  • Recreational Activities- Our volunteers and recreational therapists engages seniors in different games such as carrom, ball games, clay games, brain games, interactive sessions, music, etc and so on to provide socialization, along with improving their mental and physical functions.
  • Weekly Medical check-up by a Doctor- And daily vital monitoring by a nurse ensuring a chart of findings. This chart includes BP, PR, Oxygen, Urine and stool output measurement.
  • Availability of a psychiatrist and a counselor.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Parkinson disease associated with dementia.
  • Elderly persons with a diagnosis of Dementia.

KADJI has qualified and experienced Health officers on site to assess most of the emergencies.They communicate with Physician/surgeon as required. KADJI also has ties with nearby ICU based hospitals if admission is needed. In case of an emergency situation where hospitalization is required, an attempt is made immediately to contact a family member, but in case they are not reachable, the decision is made to the Health Officer to ensure safety of the resident. Upon reaching a family member, further plan of action is discussed and implemented. Family members are also advised to provide instructions which can be placed in residents’ permanent records to be followed according to their wishes.

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