Coma Care and Rehabilitation

SNC is the facility where nursing care of an advanced level is focused for the patients.

SNC is the facility where nursing care of an advanced level is focused for the patients. Such patients are in a need of a continuous nursing and medical supervision. They would be having few invasive procedures done such as tracheotomy, Ryle’s tube or PEG tube, Catheter care etc.

Preferably immediately after being discharged from ICU facility.

  • Family like atmosphere- you would never feel as if you are staying out of your house and are among stranger. You will find that people are friendly, open and honest.
  • Medical care and attention- Physicians visit the facility on weekly bases and are available on call 24 hours a day if required. Consultants such as surgeons, skin specialist, orthopedics, etc are also available on call.
  • Laboratory services- kadji has alliances with well known and NABL certified laboratory known as “The advanced Toprani Lab”
  • Pharmacy and surgical supplies- These are available in house and for few medicines we have associations with neighboring pharmacies.
  • Nutritious Food- provided every 2 hourly, 200 ml or whatever amount is suggested by nutritionist.
  • Nursing duties- Vital monitoring, wound dressing, positioning, coordinating with physicians, ordering reports, etc.
  • Hemorrhagic patient.
  • End stage of cancer.
  • Patient in coma.

KADJI has a qualified and experience Health officers on site. Most of the emergencies are handled by them. They communicate with Physician/surgeon if required. KADJI also has alliance with nearby ICU based hospitals if at all such services are needed. The families are later informed about incidences and if family member is easily accessible, their consent is taken before making any decisions on transfer to other hospital.