Assisted Living

An Assisted Living Facility (ALF) is a place for seniors who have difficulties in performing their daily activities and cannot live independently

An Assisted Living Facility is a place for seniors who have difficulties in performing their daily activities and cannot live independently. ALF provides support services to elderly people in bathing, dressing, medication administration, mobility and more. Under supervision of care managers, care givers, nurses and other support staff,  residents get  a safe, positive and loving environment.

Assisted Living is ideal for those who need some help in their daily lives and such elderly who are at a risk for falls, infections, neglection, isolation, depression and anxiety, if left alone without supervision of family members. If you are moving abroad/ out of state or country and your loved one has difficulty in coping with daily tasks, then ALF services of KADJI would be the ideal option for the safety and care of your family member.

  • Personal Family Home Environment-  You would never feel that you are staying out of your house or among strangers. You will find that staff are friendly, Open & Honest, Hard Working, Caring and Dedicated.
  • Fully beautifully furnished, well maintained,  rooms- with twice a day room cleaning services per unit, There are 3 Bedrooms with a leaving room and a dining area. Unit is shared by 6 resident, making them a family of 6 person only. There are number of units in each care facility based on a structure of premises.
  • Nutritious Food- Prepared daily, fresh under guidance of a diet specialist. The food offered is purely vegetarian and mostly Gujarati style food is offered, although based on the demand of our resident, a menu changes a little too.
  • Physical Activities- A well-equipped rehabilitation area with latest equipment and instruments required.
  • Recreational Activities- Our volunteers and recreational therapists engages seniors in different games such as, carroms, ball games, clay games, brain games, interactive sessions, music, etc.
  • Weekly Medical Check- Up by a Doctor- And daily vital monitoring by a nurse ensuring a chart of activities. This chart includes BP, PR, Oxygen, Urine and stool output measurement.
  • Dependent senior elderly.
  • Elderly staying alone with risk of medical emergency.
  • Psychologically challenging elderly.
  • Terminally ill elderly.
  • Elderly with disabilities.

KADJI is well reputed ALF in the state of Gujarat. The organisation is a winner of reputed INDIA HEALTHCARE 2010 AWARD in the category of BEST ELDERLY CARE AND REHABILITATION IN GUJARAT. We would suggest you to create a rapport with a staff, stay communicated with your elderly and ask them if they feel safe and secured at the facility. That makes it easier to keep tabs on the care that a resident is receiving. Also, monitor your loved one’s behavior and ask specific questions about the amount of attention they receive from caretakers.

KADJI has a qualified and experience Health officers on site. Most of the emergencies are handled by them. They communicate with Physician/surgeon if required. KADJI also has alliance with nearby ICU based hospitals if at all such services are needed. The families are later informed about incidences and if family member is easily accessible, their consent is taken before making any decisions on transfer to other hospital.

Every visitor has to pass through a reception and note down his visiting details. The facility of KADJI is supervised under CCTV monitoring for 24 hours a day 365 days a year. A night security ensures safety of residents at staff keeping the facility out of reach for any visitors.