Franchising is very important as it helps in expanding the business and it enlarges the social network. With the help of a franchise, you get to know the various aspects of the business from other entrepreneurs. This broadens the knowledge to try and test unknown areas, for the betterment of the concerned business.

Kadji Care is a well-known centre and you can gain a lot if you are associated with us. We have won the hearts of our residents and their family members who appreciate the efforts that we have made to care for our residents. The quality services provided to the residents, be it personal care or healthcare, speaks of the dedication of our professionals. You can also try for yourself by having a Kadji facility as a franchise and reep the benefits of our experience and successful systems that are already in place.

Senior care service is going to boom in the coming years in India. As an increasing number of youth venturing away from their homes to look for better job opportunities overseas and out of state, this sector is going to result in major investments from many businesses. With the ageing Indian population having a longer lifespan and the ratio of demographics, this will prove to be a safe investment opportunity in the coming years.

As a KADJI FRANCHISE owner, you would be affiliated with a leading name in senior care and rehabilitation franchise industry. Kadji is an award winning care organisation in the country, completely dedicated to the development of senior care and recovery arena. KADJI and its network has the experience of more than seven years in India. You would also have the confidence and stability of being a part of an award winning franchise network with a history of industry excellence and franchisee satisfaction.