* Would be responsible for all Nursing related duties for all residents for two of our locations.
We are looking for an experienced nursing head for our elderly residents’ day to day nursing duties. The primary responsibility for this position is to train the junior nursing staff and caregiver staff on the subject. A retired nurse/matron can also apply for the position.

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We are looking to hire a new graduate or an experienced Physiotherapy, Homeopathic doctor, ayurvedic doctor or MBBS degree holder.
Responsibilities include:
1. Make daily medical decisions for residents.
2. Make medically necessary emergency admissions, follow up with Physicians, surgeons, pharmacists other medical professionals to promote health and well being of our residents.
3. Be responsible for providing in-services for our staff on various medical conditions (specific topics) pertinent to our client population.
4. Formulate, maintain and update individualized care plans.
5. Communicate with family members as needed regarding the medical condition of residents.
6. Work closely with Nursing Head/staff to coordinate care for residents.
7. Daily rounds of all the units.
8. Documentation and medical record keeping.
9. Medication management and ordering of medications.

Skills: Effective Fluency in English language, Communication skill, Leadership qualities

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